Jay Geier has created content for years from CD’s , DVD’s, event collateral, seminar videos, workshops, webcasts, training material, television appearances, and more. For a behind the scenes view and a deeper understanding of Jay, his work, and how to integrate an entrepreneurial method into your life — invest in Jay’s four books. Descriptions below.

New Patients Now: Regain Control of Your Practice and Double Your Profits


Fact: a medical office’s front-desk team is often the first voice a potential patient hears on the phone, and consequently the first reason they may flee into the arms of another practitioner. (That is, if anyone is even answering the phones to begin with!) The journey to turning your practice around starts with fine-tuning the patient intake process.

Jay Geier’s latest book drills down into the #1 reason many private practices are struggling: the inability to onboard enough new patients to generate long-term business growth—the kind of sustainable success that enables doctors and dentists to focus on helping people and living their best lives, instead of merely keeping their heads above water.

In New Patients Now: Regain Control of Your Practice and Double Your Profits, Jay reveals how to properly train your front-desk staff to overhaul your new-patient intake process and create explosive business growth. By shifting to a “patient-centric” mindset, independent doctors and dentists can transform their practices from an albatross around their necks that’s just scraping by, to a thriving enterprise that opens up a world of new possibilities.
The business is out there—with New Patients Now, you’ll learn how to reach out and grab it.

Jay Geier truly understands patients and how to get more of them. This book takes you into the mind of today’s leading Dental consultant. It’s a must read for any dentist that wants more patients.


This is a book for dentists and other kind of doctors. Very good advices if you want to grow your practice into a business. Just 86 pages. Small and powerfull. The author claim to have helping doctors to reach their true potential for decades. I incline to believe him. A lot of common sense and experience. A pacient-centric practice is going to drive you right into a burn-out syndrome if you are not following ALL the advices he`s giving you in the book. Good luck!

Gabrial Cracion

Such an amazing book. Just like a recent review, we use this book to help new employees understand why we do what we do and who we learned it from. Such an easy read. Thank you Jay!

Chris Tillery

This is a great read for any customer centric business. We utilize this book to indoctrinate new employees to gain an understanding of our principles and values. Easy read, all customer service businesses could benefit immensely.

Mary Ann Landry

Blueprint for the Independent Dentist: 11 Steps Any Independent Dentist Can Take to Combat Corporate Dentistry

As an advocate for the independent doctor, Jay Geier knows that private practice owners are experiencing an attack from corporate “clinics” to sell their practice. He also knows that while the check may sound appealing it is not actually the right thing for the doctor financially, emotionally, or personally. This book will help you decide what is right and if selling is, then it will show you how to do better. If selling is not right for you, this book can also teach you how to combat those clinics and stay on top in your area.

Prepare your dental practice to compete with corporate dentistry challenges over the next ten years with Jay Geier’s Blueprint for the Independent Dentist. Drawing on decades of experience helping health professionals take their businesses to the next level, Jay provides an essential handbook for dentists to create thriving practices today that will survive in tomorrow’s business environment and long into the future.

Blueprint for the Independent Dentist covers topics such as:

  • 11 steps to outperform modern corporate dental “factories”
  • Red flags for dealing with these corporations
  • How to know if your practice is in jeopardy or vulnerable to takeover
  • Jay’s proven “silver bullet” strategy for success in the face of corporate takeover
  • How to prepare for what the next ten years of dentistry holds

Is your business positioned for maximum growth?