Improve Your Business, Transform Your Life

One thing that people often say when they interact with Jay and his companies, is ‘they practice what they preach.’ This level of authenticity is important to Jay and it shows throughout each business endeavor he engages in.

Jay’s history as an entrepreneur started at a very early age. He has always been a student of business and a student of improving himself through reading, learning, experiencing – and shares what he learns with those around him. Even his friends when he first started driving knew that the radio choice was not up for discussion – as voices like Earl Nightingale were on repeat.

His love for learning and developing others remains today. In his primary business, Scheduling Institute, he has always said that he will only coach clients for as long as he owns and is actively running a business. He wants to ensure that he does not lose sight of the challenges of business ownership as he is coaching clients to grow.


Regain your enthusiasm for life! If you’ve found yourself uninspired and unmotivated, or hopelessly feel like your business is at a dead end, Jay can provide the spark you need to recapture your passion and drive. Through a holistic view of success that encapsulates finances, family, health, spirituality, and giving, Jay guides others to prosperity with a greater purpose in mind.


Forget what you thought you knew about leadership and business development coaching. Jay is a different breed, who’s not afraid to tell it like it is to get his clients to where they need to be. Bottom line: he delivers the ultimate high standard of honesty and authentic communication you won’t see anywhere else—but that you desperately need in order to live your greatest life.


Jay understands that business success is about more than just earning more money: it’s about serving people with the care they deserve, which will ultimately generate more financial security—and less stress—for yourself and your family. It’s not about working for money, but for the purpose of devoting more time to what brings you joy and increasing your capacity to pay it forward. Let Jay guide you through the steps you need to take to achieve a truly lasting legacy!

Jay applies the same philosophies to all businesses and organizations he is involved in, but he spends the majority of his time working inside of Scheduling Institute.

Scheduling Institute is the only Private Practice Consultancy that grows private practices into thriving businesses that can be sold for maximum value or kept for a lifetime of revenue.

Scheduling Institute does that through two main groups of people:

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