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Jay Geier transforms lives. A successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist, Jay’s mission is to impart the wisdom and proven strategies he’s gleaned from decades of achieving success in his own life, not only in terms of personal wealth, but also in precious free time and the capacity for giving. His significant impact is evident through the countless professionals he’s helped create better futures for themselves, their businesses, their families, and for others in need.

Jay shares his story


Jay is a self-made, first-generation wealth creator from a middle-class American family who has owned his own businesses since age 18. He is the founder and owner of the Scheduling Institute, a practice management and health marketing firm helping private practice owners achieve a more successful business and, as a result, a more fulfilling life.

Free Dental Clinic for those in need, Dominican Republic, Opened 2018


Success in business means greater opportunities to support the community, both locally and around the world. In giving, we create a ripple effect of generosity of time, energy and money on the largest scale possible. Jay is a passionate philanthropist dedicated to helping private practices and small businesses become even more profitable so that they can increase their positive impact on the world.

Family Man

Jay lives with his wife, Diane, and their three children in Alpharetta, Georgia. Despite decades of running successful businesses, traveling, speaking, coaching, authoring books and more, Jay has never missed one spring break with his kids. Making family a #1 priority in life is part of his philosophy of pursuing success for a greater purpose.

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