What is your purpose? Success is about so much more than money or recognition—it’s about finding meaning and fulfillment in service to others. Jay has dedicated his life to philanthropy, encouraging other professionals to be wise stewards in their lives and businesses in order to develop a greater spirit of generosity.

Charity and service are more than talk for Jay. They are exemplified in his work. Jay and his team have volunteered over 2,000 hours to causes they care about, while Jay has personally raised $40,000 to build a home for Habitat for Humanity, a contribution matched by his S.I. team.

Jay Geier’s commitment to putting others before self has become infectious. Following his example, his S.I. team created a 50 for 50 campaign in honor of Jay’s 50th Birthday. This campaign turned into a $79,000 check that was gifted to World Mission Partners

Jay’s work and influence make his purpose clear: give back and make an impact. His driving purpose has created a Multiplier Effect, motivating the people around him to follow in his footsteps and put others before themselves.

Geier Family Foundation

Jay Geier’s personal foundation and passion project, the Geier Family Foundation gives millions to charitable causes annually, an amount that Jay intends to increase over time.

World Mission Partners

Through the nonprofit World Mission Partners, Jay helps facilitate medical and building mission trips to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, empowering dental and medical professionals and their teams to provide their expert health services to worldwide communities in need. Through the generosity of Jay and Scheduling Institute members, the charity was able to build Undid Odontológica, a full dental clinic and hospital in the Dominican Republic serving vulnerable communities with much-needed dental care, which launched in January 2018.

Habitat for Humanity

With the Scheduling Institute team, Jay has participated in numerous community service volunteer projects, even building a new home for a local Atlanta family through Habitat for Humanity.

Generous Giving

Jay enables Scheduling Institute members to go to the Generous Giving Conference, which encourages people to develop a spirit for giving to make the greatest impact possible.

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