Founded in 1997, Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute is a health-marketing consulting and training agency that works with private-practice owners, with a focus on dentists, to transform their lives and businesses through proven strategies for new patient acquisition and organizational development. Though financial success is the result, the ultimate goal is a more fulfilling life, more time spent with family, and a greater capacity to give back.

Through an extensive network of highly trained support staff, onsite trainers and expert coaches, the Scheduling Institute takes a hands-on approach to helping clients achieve personal and professional success by improving the five major layers of growing a practice, including marketing, human capital, space and equipment, financial mastery, and clinical duplication. SI’s programs for generating patient intake and facilitating intentional business growth are used in more than 10,000 different offices around the world, and thousands of people attend the Scheduling Institute’s much-anticipated events annually.

Jay has developed a special understanding for this market niche through years of cultivating the Scheduling Institute’s massive laboratory of doctors and team members. He combines this unique insight with business acumen to help doctors and dentists transform their offices into stellar practices that stand out from the competition.

Back Story

Jay first discovered the power of marketing early in his career when a board game he developed at age 18 with his mentor, Dr. Alan Goodwin, exploded into millions of dollars in sales through direct-mail marketing. He later became the marketing director of a large private practice in Atlanta, where he began onboarding record numbers of patients. Eager to share the secret to his success with others to make a positive difference in the lives of people worldwide, the idea for the Scheduling Institute was born.


One of the top ten fastest-growing companies in Georgia, the Scheduling Institute operates the largest staff-training university in the world, with thousands enrolled at facilities conveniently located in Atlanta and Phoenix. Dentaltown Magazine has rated SI the top practice advisory firm since 2010, and the organization has won Orthotown’s Townie Choice Award and been on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Places to Work list since 2013.